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The False Owl

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Generally when software fails, there is some sort of error message that informs the user what happened and what, if anything, they can do to rectify it. Then there are cases where is no such message and the user is left with nothing. And then there's this:

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Previously where the False Owl is, was a Facebook icon. So clearly something went amiss with the Facebook app, but what...? At this point, one turns to the Internet to figure out what is going on. God bless forum posts from 2004 that have a similar issue with a solution posted, but woe to us when it isn't:

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Alas, there are a few threads about an orange owl:


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That's close, but that owl is not false. A sentence I never thought I would say.

I've only done a little Android development, but is there really no better way to indicate an app failed during an update? Why not just roll back? Or is this a forced update? Surely giving me a logic expression with an animal is not the best way to convey this information to me...

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02 December 2015 - 03:04 PM
Now the real question is: can you fail any other upgrade and get the false owl too? If done properly, maybe you can have only false owl icons... Because those are useful and stuff.
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