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Hold the Shift Key!?

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Hell is other people's code. Why did they do this? I understand the logic, but the implementation... it goes on and on. At least at that point you have the source and you can reason about it. Not so with Windows.

What did I want to do? I had a friend who was having problems with using a system restore point in Windows 10. I've used Windows 10 for about an hour when I got the phone call. I've been using Windows 7 on my machine at home, but as fate would have it I had purchased a HP laptop with Windows 10 on it last week.

Problem: Reset Windows 10 to an earlier restore point.

Surely this is an easy problem? control panel->recovery->restore point.


If you google "reset PC windows 10" you get a ton of articles that say to do this:

click Windows icon in the bottom left corner
click on settings
click on update and security
click on recovery

Posted Image


But wait! On HP laptops (maybe others) the image looks like this:

Attached Image

Where is "Reset this PC"?

The top X articles on Google had no idea, they all said the same thing above. But there was a youtube video that had an obscure way to solve this problem.


Click on the Windows icon in the bottom left corner
Click on power

This boots into a secret menu that, among other things, allows you to use restore points.


Why is this not in the recovery menu? I'm not in the habit of holding random keys down for random periods of time to get functionality that is available in previous versions of the same operating system. Is this something that is left to OEMs?? Why would that be deferred to them? I understand perhaps putting the HP "recovery to factory" mode there, but that still defeats the purpose. How is the layman supposed to know this is the magical sequence of events to invoke a demon spell?

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15 May 2016 - 01:43 PM


How is the layman supposed to know this is the magical sequence of events to invoke a demon spell?

They're supposed to google it, of course. Presumably they do this before they have the problem, while their computer still works.


15 May 2016 - 07:35 PM
Yeah, there are a lot of things about windows 10 that I absolutely hate. To the point that I may wind up going Linux as my primary OS with 10 as a VM running on the machine (if that).

They decided to hide functionality that is useful. Sure, it may not be what I need 100% of the time, but hiding it? Making me jump through hoops to get to it? Putting some "special" passphrase in front of features that used to be standard? None of that is acceptable!

Going further, they continually install their own drivers. They actually _broke_ my father's onboard 1Gbit LAN port because their "standard" drives didn't recognize or acknowledge it. Only recently did his network port magically show up again (after he has been using an external PCI ethernet card for 6+ months). That's not acceptable! To go even further, at about the same time his VMware virtual network interfaces disappeared completely. He has tried everything on the web he has found that is supposed to help (uninstalling/ reinstalling VMWare workstation, running it as an administrator, telling it to restore defaults in the virtual network editor, etc.), and none of it has worked. That's not acceptable! He also has problems where updates fail to install, so he goes through the entire install and reboot process only to have the update rolled back on boot, and the process repeats (telling him that there are updates available and he needs to schedule a time to reboot to install them). That's not acceptable!

Windows 10, in my opinion as an IT professional, is a piece of shit. Plain and simple.
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