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Yes it's Free, But Still...

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I'm not entirely sure if I have complained about this yet, so here we go. Back in 2009 the blog system here at DreamInCode did not have a way to upload images (or if there was, it eluded me at the time). I then uploaded images I had made for a few of the first data structure blog posts to Photobucket. These images had been up since 2009ish. Then around July 2017 photobucket broke them.

I did not notice for a while since I don't visit the old posts unless there is a reason, but lo and behold images from LinkedList, Binary Search Tree, and Hash Table were all the "please update your account to enable 3rd party hosting" image. Gross. So I logged into photobucket a few months ago and then hot linking started working for a time. Well it's broke again, so I took some time to migrate the images over to my domain and update the old posts.

Yes photobucket was free, but still...

Everyone needs to get paid, but I looked around their site/features and could not fathom why anyone would. Case in point, I could not search and find a KNOWN filename in my own album...that's insane.

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16 May 2018 - 08:07 AM
Photobucket has become very poor. It takes ages to navigate and when I upload an image it doesn't register straightaway; I try again and end up wasting time and ending up with 4 copies uploaded.

One thing in particular that niggles, I used to be able to click the Direct link, it would go yellow and be on the clipboard. This no longer happens and I have to jump through hoops to get the link.

If I cared enough I'd find another service, but trying to move all my tutorial images, and reattach them, would be a real pain.
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