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What language or IDE is best? There isn't one.

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I’ve seen many questions on the forums recently that are all built around one topic – what language/IDE is better? The answer is – there is no such language or IDE. Many beginner programmers think that if they choose a specific programming language, then they will achieve success in the domain. The interesting thing is that they usually don’t do much research and look for which one is requested in more jobs. Unfortunately, many of them do not understand that the programming language or IDE is not the key to their success in the software development. If you learn Java because it is popular this year does not mean that you will be successful in your career. If you decide to learn .NET because some developer told you that everything besides it is not even worth looking at, you are also going the wrong way. Jeff Atwood and Joel Spolsky mentioned in one of their podcasts – people comparing which programming language is best are like teenagers that are arguing about which car is best, without actually having cars.

It all depends on the developer and how enthusiastic he/she feels about software development. If you think that VB.NET is easier for you to grasp than Java, then go for it – you will achieve better results. There is no programming language that can be called “perfect” or “best”. If you can achieve a goal by using your own programming language of choice, then you found what suits you as an individual. The many opinions like “Language Y sucks because language X is simply better” are coming from users who are people that do not really know programming and stick to some object just because they are fans of something. There is no language that will suit everyone’s needs. When people ask “Which one is the best” they expect to get objective answers. Instead, they will be getting very subjective opinions – a Java developer will most likely promote Java. A .NET developer will try to show you the benefits of using C#/VB.NET. A PHP developer will show you why you should focus on web development rather than on desktop applications. There will be no single opinion and you should never stick with these opinions. Try the language by yourself. There are plenty of resources online that will teach you the fundamentals of your language of choice – if after a specific time period you feel that this is not for you, change the programming language. Eventually, if you are passionate about software development, you will find something that you will say “Hey, I like the way this can be done here”. That’s the way you should go to build your skills efficiently.

Same applies to IDEs – there is no best IDE. Unless you work with several IDEs and know which one is better, you will never actually know which one is the best. Comparison is the key in this case. Work a while with one IDE. When you see that you are missing some features, you will have the chance to try something else and see what is better or worse in that other product. There are as many opinions as individuals.

Bottom line – your choice of language/IDE is not the key to success. Work with whatever you feel comfortable with. It all depends on you, your skills and learning capabilities.

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05 August 2009 - 08:10 AM
Very good article, and your talk here about "the best IDE" is very logical, keep up the good work :)


05 August 2009 - 09:33 PM
nice topic Core you solved many new users problem i bookmarked this topic and when ever some one asks this kind of question i will redirect to this topic ;)


07 August 2009 - 09:07 AM
Very nice article, each language and IDE is what you make it out to be. No one is best suited for all persons, or for certain situations. For example I tend to bounce between visual studio pro 2009 and Eclipse. I like each of the for reasons that anyone that has used them can easily understand, I just wish there was a plugin to combine there features together. For any new users, first learn the differences between the various languages see what you want to do with it, THEN try many different types of IDEs for your language of choice.


17 November 2009 - 09:52 PM
i too agree buddy any language is not best it depends on programmer what he/she likes
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