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Insight Cable, Road-Runner Turbo & Me!

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So I moved into my new place last Saturday and my internet has been laughable to say the least.

First I am paying for the "Turbo" package offered by with their massive 15-20 Mbps speeds. So naturally what is the first thing a tech would do? Speedtest! = 9.05 Mbps = 9.02 Mbps = 21.02 Mbps

What is wrong with this picture? Insight is boasting that their roadrunner turbo service is the fastest in the city, however these speeds only hold true on their network.
So I called and complained, had a tech come out and he said nothing is wrong because of course the speeds hold true to their little website results.

By the time the weekend rolled around my connection was intermittent at best. I called once again to complain and after they ran some tests and seen that there was packet loss she suggested sending a tech out. In the meantime my DVR was acting up as well and a tech came out to check into this. Well the wiring of this cable is a total hack job, and a poorly executed one at that. There are several splitters and wiring everywhere which obviously this was a home brew remedy to get cable television to the upper rooms.

So my diagnosis is the signal is being dropped, this was also confirmed by the technician who installed a signal booster which is great if I care about cable television but I don't, this did not rectify my internet issue. It would come on for about 30 minutes at best and drop for hours. At night it stays on more frequently and actually has been on ever since Sunday night! So what this shows me as that during peak times in my neighborhood the signal is weaker and my router cannot maintain it. It is now a Monday morning, off peak time and I have pretty reliable internet and have all week last week leading up until the weekend?

I am curious to see what the tech says on Tuesday, all though I will not be here personally to deal with the guy - he better be looking at ways to re-wire my place or offer a solution that does not require me to hack :ph34r: into one of my neighbors unsecured networks to access the web with dial-up type speeds.

Edit - Well today the technician was out and supposedly my signal was too strong with the booster and was aggravating the signal being sent to the modem. I am still not happy with the overall way the place has been wired, or the fact that the prior tech was saying the signal was too weak. As of now all is well in broadband land, how long it lasts is to be determined.

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