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So, it's been a while...

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It truly has been a while since I've posted on this blog. I think 2 years have passed. Wow, I'm such a slacker. To be fair, since I had last posted, I got laid off, was quasi homeless, took a hiatus from school, bounced back and forth between min wage jobs, finally uprooted and moved out of town, and got a nice job. I'd say I've...
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Strange, and Possibly Prophetic, Dreams

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I keep having these dreams that have really been bothering me. ROTC or military related. It's like im trying to do all these obstacle courses and things and I'm falling behind everyone else, reaching out to them to wait, but I'm too fat and weak to catch up, and I can see Capt. Grafton, Col. Bouchard, and Sgt Van Winkle shaking their...
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Just because this was such an amazing post
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Engineering is a road of discovery

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So, being an aspiring engineer, and working around a bunch of engineers, I have made some strange, albeit fascinating, discoveries.


... aren't that fond of pocket protectors. In fact, you will get looked at funny for wearing them or even mentioning them.
... like tomatoes. Alot.
... commonly have gross armpit sweat despite...
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Tutorial: Basic Java for Beginners pt 3

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Basic Java for Beginners part 3 by NeoTifa


Part 1.) Introduction
Part 2.) Review on Program Structure
Part 3.) Basic Method Building
Part 4.) Basic Class Building and Inheritance
Part 5.) Interfaces
Part 6.) Scope

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Part 1~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
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My Little Soapbox

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Well, last night I went to my mom's house to see what was wrong with her cat, and wound up watching some tv documentary on a particularly brutal hate crime (I don't have cable). It angered me so much, I wound up Twitter ranting about it. KYA and BenignDesign might remember it.

Summary of Show...
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Tutorial: Number Systems for Beginners

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Number Systems for Beginners by NeoTifa


Part 1.) Introduction
Part 2.) Binary to Decimal
Part 3.) Decimal to Binary
Part 4.) Binary to Octal
Part 5.) Octal to Binary
Part 6.) Binary to Hexadecimal
Part 7.) Hexadecimal to Binary

~~~~~~~~~~~~~Part 1~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Introduction: ...
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Mad Soldier Skills

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I thought I'd recap my weekend for you guys, just in case you're interested. If not, then just leave.

So Saturday we had mock deployment with our detachment. The basic scenario was that an imaginary country, Pais del Sol, located in South America, has just elected a president but not everybody was happy about it. Our mission was to...
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How To: Manage Projects and Set Effective Goals to Ensure Success

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Forgive me for not posting in a while, but I have more important priorities than you guys. Oh, snap! That's right, bitches, I totally went there.

((Just to let you know, I'm bolding the important points.))

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Article Review: Howto make L4D map in Sketchup

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This is just a short review for now as I didn't read it word for word, just skimmed the headers and pictures, with selective glazing of some sections. I mean, damn! It was 12 pages long!


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