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What we have so far.....

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We have a whole tsunami of ideas flowing in! I love our group <3 They have such passion and imagination. Ahhhh, youth. ^___^ We have 3 storyline concepts so far. The first two really took off, and we're even going so far as to intigrate them. The third... [personal opinion] too confusing and vague [/personal opinion] There is also a...
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Up and Running

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The forums. Behold! We need more people to help, so feel free to join!
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Concept: Storyline 1

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M'kay. You know how I mentioned earlier having a sexbot named Sebastian as my main character? Totally keeping the idea. I was thinking of like 2 main characters. The first half of the storyline perhaps is maybe (or a chunk of a scene/battle/idk).... Sebastian(Mehbeh a lvl 5 Knight? who knows.) is an occifer in a powerful country's...
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So Magixion of EoFF says he wants to team up and work on a collaborative game together :wub: I'm so flattered! The prospect of teamwork excites me and I hope it goes well. Well, I gotta do art homeworks, so... I'll upgrade later.
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Must....have..... computer.....

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So FedEx came and tried to deliver my computer yesterday. Since I was in the shower and Larry left like 5 minutes earlier, they had to leave a sticker on the door and leave. I got the sticker and was filled with excitement when I realized it was my computer and I could come and get it after 6:00. So 6:45 came around. I jumped in my car, grabbed...
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Sooo.... it's been a while

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Since having lost my computer to the tech support, I have missed programming only a little. It seems a lot of stress has been lifted off my shoulders; I have been cured of the computers' hypnotic spell :P.

However, that does not hinder my desire to finish my little game project. Heh heh. I was...
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I know I said I'd post more, but I have been pretty busy with my classes and such.... Omg I just realized I had a mandetory class meeting today. It's our competition for our bridge XD OMG I probably have an F now :(

(I did. 63.5/100 lol)
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Started Drafting on Personal Project

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Why can't we have personal blogs!!!! ;__; Now people are gonna laugh at me v__v.


I had an idea in my head of a little RPG project I was gonna start on. Today I started actually drafting out the ideas and class stats. It's not finished, but I got through most of the mid-level job classes. By job classes, I mean...
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Test 2

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