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Must....have..... computer.....

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So FedEx came and tried to deliver my computer yesterday. Since I was in the shower and Larry left like 5 minutes earlier, they had to leave a sticker on the door and leave. I got the sticker and was filled with excitement when I realized it was my computer and I could come and get it after 6:00. So 6:45 came around. I jumped in my car, grabbed the sticker and my ID, and went to pick up my mom (it was in the airport, and I don't know my way around). After like an hour, we finally found our way to the FedEx building, only to realize it was a wasted trip! BAH! They wouldn't let me have it because Larry changed it to put it in his name (only god knows why D=<) and my ID still has my mom's address on it. Seriously, FedEx is the fucking anti-christ, keeping nerds from their precious computers. I am however going to try to go back and pick it up today, though. Then I can work more on my game!!!! <3

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