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Concept: Storyline 1

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M'kay. You know how I mentioned earlier having a sexbot named Sebastian as my main character? Totally keeping the idea. I was thinking of like 2 main characters. The first half of the storyline perhaps is maybe (or a chunk of a scene/battle/idk).... Sebastian(Mehbeh a lvl 5 Knight? who knows.) is an occifer in a powerful country's military, and hes sent along with thousands of troops to conquer another country, and hes whoppin on some guys and he finds one that seems to have more will and desire to destroy him then the rest. The soldier doesn't give up even though he's close to death. Sebastian is in shock and impressed by this soldier and toys around with him, and slams him into a tree. The impact knocks the helmet off the soldier to reveal that it is in fact a woman!!! (*zomg enter dramatic music here*) She still tries to fight him, but he's too strong and winds up passing out. Sebastian takes her prisoner and they fall in love or something for dramatic plot twist. That's all I got. Lol. I don't think that ideas already taken! (It probably is) It kinda sounds a little rediculous and makes me giggle. Ha.

Oh! I missed a part! Sebastian begins to hate what the kingdom/empire/whatever is doing and tries to secretly assassinate the leader. They find out about it, have him killed, now the female soldier is trying to get revenge (you know, since she loves him and all). IDK.

BG-57 has joined the team. Lol. We are just going to make our own personal forums for this so it's easier to collaborate. >_>

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