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My own personal project

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Don't know what it's gonna be called yet, but.... oh well. Project: N00b has been kinda at a stand-still. So, I decided I was gonna work on my own little mini project. I had in mind a little character chooser/creator for an rpg (maybe even morpg or something. Gabe's inspired me lol). I'm working on some generic sprites to load into it. They suck. Lol. I only have 2 done.

What I want it to do:
-player can pick class
-pic of character of that class will display in same screen
-player can pick characters name
-characters stats will display under name, which is under the pic

What I might do in the future:
-make changeable gender
-make changeable equipment
-make changeable colors for under armor and hair
-make changeable hair styles

What I got done so far:
-male warrior sprite
Posted Image
-male knight sprite
Posted Image
-male black mage
Posted Image
-male white mage
Posted Image

I'm planning on doing this in Java so far, with GUI. By the time I finish the sprites though I might be on my way with c++ lol. I'm going to be working on an archer, black mage, white mage, and maybe a monk or something.

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