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So like yea

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I decided that I bit off a little more than I can chew with my personal program. I'm really studying up on some advanced GUI stuff so I can have a better handle at what I'm trying to do here. I'm thinking about just starting out with a paint program. Then somehow do something sweet to include a JTree. Just learned about those and now I have to make one >_> Don't know how that's gonna come into play, but dammit if there's a will there's a way lol. :P Meh. Haven't coded in a while. Maybe I'll start this weekend. L4D is consuming my brain. L4D and AutoDesk Inventor. I got to take a $1300 course on it for free via USAF :D Of course, now they want me to actually work, which is why they trained me. :\ Don't know how I feel about that :P jk. I already knew how to do the basics, it's just that the crap I learned in the training would've cut my drawing time by like 6 hours lol. It took me like 7 hours a few months ago to make a hollow metal box with elevated screwholes to hold a panel. It would now take me 15 mins lol.

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