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How To: Not Suck at Left 4 Dead

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Okay, with the releasing of L4D2, I'm going to tell you the best way to survive on expert in L4D1, so people don't flame you in L4D2.

1.) Beat the campaigns on easy, normal, and advanced first!
Start out with the easiest levels first, get to learn the controls, rebind the keys if you have to, get a feel for the fighting style, learn the zombies' attack patterns, and more importantly,...

2.) Learn the map!!!
You can't possibly be able to do anything productive if you don't know where you're going. If you don't know where you're going, you going to get seperated from your group while exploring. Which brings me to my next point...

3.) Exercise teamwork!!!
Stay with your team, communicate with your team, plan which t2 weapons to take, let your team know about throwy things and weapons, alert them of special zombies, tanks, and witches, gas cans, and plan your finale/horde tactics.

4.) Use your mic!
It's ok to talk occassionally in chat, but for the most part, keep your hands free. And please, for the love of all things holy, wear headphones when talking! We can't hear you over your shooting and zombie noises and echo...

5.) Don't walk in front of people!!!
This pisses me off more than anything. If you're stupid enough to run in front of a sniper while they're picking off distant zombies, don't gripe/bitch/bite the sniper's head off for headshotting you! You did it! It's your fault! Friendly fire damage is about 40 health per shot or instant incappacitation, depending on gun and distance. Crouch when venturing ahead!

6.) Don't waste stuff!!!
Don't heal unless you're black and white, don't throw pipes unless you can see at least 5-7 zombies, and conserve molos for tanks. They are rediculously hard to kill in expert. Items are very rare, so don't be throwing all your shit every chance you get.

7.) Don't disturb the witch!
Expert is not the mode you want to get your cr0wnd achievement on. Unless you are an absolute expert witch hunter, like me ;D, leave her be. It's a one-hit-kill from her.

8.) Conserve ammo
Lot's of zombies, little ammo. Use your pistols if you can, and melee often. Ain't nothing worse then trying to Akimbo a tank in expert (and he's not even lit). Also, playing "ring around the rosie" with him helps too.

9.) Don't be a dick!
People in expert are pretty serious, and wont tolerate purposely team killing your friends, micspam, or being a bossy dick. You will get kicked.

10.) Have fun!!!!!
Nobody likes a party pooper. :v:

Well, remember these simple things and you'll get along fine. Remember, the difficulty gap in between advanced and expert are rediculous. What you could get away with in advanced wont fly in expert. Zombies go from 5 damage to 20 damage per hit. 5 hits from a normal zombie is an incap, and 3 friendly fire is incap. ^__^

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