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Game Review: Left 4 Dead 2 Demo

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Okay, I actually decided to download the demo before pre-ordering out of blind loyalty, and I'm glad I did. Man, oh man. Where do I start?

Really disappointed me because I guess you have to have a fancy-schmancy graphics card to get the full monty, so I get the L4D1 graphics. Not bad, but reading the text gets blocky and spotty, and peoples usernames are pretty much indecipherable. At least I can play, but at a lag. D=<

My grade for graphics: 7.5/10

I liked it, though it plays heavily into stereotypes. The Creole version of the original L4D music was a fun twist to the classic, but got a little cheesey. Also, during hordes, it sounds like they basically stole the battle music from Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess where Link is in the Twilight. That music does bad things to my brain. :/ NO ONE STEALS FROM ZELDA!!!! D=< What made me laugh was the fact that even the zombies raged with Creole accents. XD Rochelle was a horrible voice actress, and eats Zoey's dust. And Ellis sounded hillbilly to the point where I was just like "... XD". I know in the backwater towns they probably talked like that, but come on!

My grade for music/sounds: 7/10

Pretty much the same.

My grade on the gameplay: 9.5/10

*inhales* Okay, first off, the new shotgun? Seriously? Actually, all the T2 weapons were unrecognizable, except the sniper rifle. I don't know if I just am out of practice at recognizing weapons, but they look like fucking Halo weapons, which is not a good thing to me for a game that's supposed to be realistic. Just saying. The melee weapons were pretty sweet. I mean, ain't nuttin' like a hillbilly beatin' up people with a geetar! YEE-HAW! But seriously though, they were all right.

My grade for weapons: 5/10

Throwy Things:
I like the new boomer bile can. You can throw it a zombie, and all the zombies will attack the one zombie. Would be nice for a tank or something too, actually. The pipes and molos were pretty much the same. I don't know if there are more throwy things in the real game, but this was all I saw in the demo.

My grade for throwy things: 9.5/10

Healing Things:
Now this gets interesting. From what I saw, you get med kits and defibrillators as main healing things. Defibrillators bring dead teammates back to life, which would be sweet actually, but I never got a chance to use mine as we reached the end without dying. :/ Med kits are the same. As for secondary healing, they have the pills, which are the same, but they also have adrenaline shots. These things don't really give you that much temp health, but they make you run faster and I do believe gives you a sweet crosshair for better aim. Lasts only about 20 seconds ish though. Those were all I came across.

My grade for healy things: 8.5/10

Special Infected:
Whoo boy. This gets confusing. I guess there's a fat chick as a boomer in addition to the male one? I only seen the chick. There's also the charger, which clotheslines you. Jockies ride you like a horse and are annoying like hunters. Hunters look like the same homeless people, but the smokers look a little different. I can't even spot a spitter at all, which I guess is supposed to be a pregnant chick, so I'm almost always getting the acid on me. :/ Bah. Tanks are.. tanks, and I DIDN'T EVEN SEE A SINGLE FUCKING WONDERING WITCH THIS WHOLE ENTIRE DEMO!!!! That pissed me off! That's what I really wanted to see. Boo :v: Valve!

My grade for specials: 8/10

Normal Infected:
Pretty sweet, actually. I like the new fashion sense, as opposed to all military personnel, generic zombies, and zombies with their asses hanging out of a plastic gown. There are more variety to the zombies, and in the video there are clown zombies, which are sweet, but I didn't see any in the demo. :v: There are riot police zombies which are bulletproof, so you have to shoot them in the back. I think this is amazing because it recognizes that not all zombies are the same. They're annoying as hell to kill, but it's still a nice variety. :^:

My grade for normal zombies: 10/10

Pretty sweet. I like the interaction with the environment. That was the one thing I wished we had with L4D1: I wished we could melee the pop machines and pop would come out. Lol. There wasn't much to interact with in this demo, but what they had was cool, which was a jukebox that you melee and if you watch it, it pulls out a record and plays a folk country song about turning into a zombie :^:

My grade for environment: 10/10

Overall, I think the game was pretty neat. I wouldn't camp in front of Wal-Mart until midnight waiting for it (were I getting the 360 version), but I will put it on my to do list. I'm not getting it til probably after Christmas, anywho. No big rush. Compared to my impression of L4D1, kinda anti-climatic, but I trust Valve, and think they just had bad judgement as to what they put in their demo. There wasn't enough of the campaign or any other level to judge it, so I'm leaving that for my review once I finally get the game. This game was, in my opinion, like the Deliverance meets Dawn of the Dead, which makes for a scary combo. It has promise, but the demo leaves much to be desired.

My overall impression of the demo: 6.5/10

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