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How To: Eat a Chipotle Burrito

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Yes, that's right! These delectable babies need a certain method to eat without destroying yourself. I mean, could you honestly eat a Chipotle burrito while driving without spilling your contents all over yourself and your car? Probably not. Since I eat Chipotle like every day with all the messy shit (extra extra rice, a pinch of barbacoa, extra corn salsa, extra cheese, and lettuce), I think I've developed a pretty much fool-proof method to eating these tasty little 8th wonder of the world.

Step 1: Admire it
It's delicious beautiful tortilla will not stay intact for long, so appreciate the non-messiness of it while you can.

Step 2: First bites
I would suggest going for a corner. You want to go sides first, then meet in middle.

Step 3: Half way point
This is where it gets messy. What I would suggest doing is going in from the sides, and as you bite, kind of suck out all the loose rice, beans, salsa, etc so when you do bite, they don't spill out everywhere. Make sure you're trying to keep the integrety of the tortilla as much as possible.

Step 4: End
This is usually when you get annihilated. Try sucking all the stuff out and use the spare tortilla to try and kind of rewrap it.

That's pretty much it. I love Chipotle so much, you have no idea, so I thought I'd share my methods with you. XD

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