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Mad Soldier Skills

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I thought I'd recap my weekend for you guys, just in case you're interested. If not, then just leave.

So Saturday we had mock deployment with our detachment. The basic scenario was that an imaginary country, Pais del Sol, located in South America, has just elected a president but not everybody was happy about it. Our mission was to assist the newly elected El Presidente Hodderiaga (played by a 4th year cadet) stay out of the hands of a terrorist group called The Children of Tyranny. This is called "Operation Ocho Cinco" XD Dorks.

Anywho, we learned all kinds of sweet soldier skills, wore flak vests and helmets, rolled around and crawled through the wet cold grass, and carried around heavy rubber M16s. After we learned our sweet soldier skills we put them into play in 3 made up scenarios. They were pretty much all rescue missions. The first one our chalk was assigned with rescuing El Presidente from the COT after they blew his helicopter up with an RPG. Twas awesome.

The second mission our chalk was in charge of guarding the base. I was in one of 2 patrolling squads. One disappeared and I figured they were just out of vision, until we headed towards a bunker surrounded by woods. One of my squad members got ambushed by a terrorist, so I shot the terrorist back, but in squatting in the trees, I noticed a side of someoneís arm. I motioned the third guy in my squad to go around front, so while he distracted them from the front, I went around back and stuck my rifle in the entry and yelled "BANG BANG BANG!!!" really loud. Turns out there were 3 hostages in there. Lol. Felt like a boss. The terrorists, who are the 3rd and 4th year cadets, gave feedback and asked me why I snuck up there by myself, then I told them about the 3rd cadet and realized that I was just a bad ass like that. So, basically, the evaluator gave me kudos in front of the whole detachment for my situational awareness skills and leading my squad to victory. Totally gangster.

Third mission I had to pee and got shot. After I respawned I got blown up by a car bomb. D: We had to retake the base, so the second death wasnít my fault as it was planned. I also saved another 2 hostages.

So, in all, my stats were: killed 7 terrorists, saved 5 hostages, rescued 1 president, and died 2 times. Pretty good I must say, especially compared to some of the other cadets. So you guys can sleep safe knowing Iím helping defend our country. :D

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28 April 2010 - 09:56 AM


08 June 2010 - 11:20 AM
Heck yes it is! Behold my awesome skills.
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