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Well, last night I went to my mom's house to see what was wrong with her cat, and wound up watching some tv documentary on a particularly brutal hate crime (I don't have cable). It angered me so much, I wound up Twitter ranting about it. KYA and BenignDesign might remember it.

Summary of Show:
From what I've caught of it, a nice, talented guy got brutally murdered by 20 jocks because he was a goth in a small Texas town. His brother and his friends all talked about how he was such a nice guy and would never harm anybody. I believe this. The king ass-clown jock got his little-dicked jock buddies to jump this guy (on Christmas I think they said) in an IHOP parking lot. Why? Because he was different. King ass-clown jock, which I will refer to him as from now on as I don't remember his name, went so far as to run him over with his car (with his gf in the car), then put it in reverse and ran him over again. During the trial, his gf said thats when she heard a crack. She asked what it was, and he said "Oh, probably his skull HAHAHAHAHAHAHHAAHHA!!!!" The goth kid's last words were "I love you" to his gf standing by.

During the investigation king ass-clown jock's friends harassed the goths family and friends by giving death threats, jumping the other goth kids as soon as they were alone, and threw shit at their houses. (You know what this sounds like? KKK.) The whole town turned their heads because the jock was "a good, Christian, football playing, 'All-American' kid who got scholarships to college" and the goths are "little punks who walk around all intimidating-like and start shit". First off, the goth didn't do shit but look different. (And what the fuck does extra curricular activities have to do with anything?!)

The goth kids got their lawyer to conduct a public cease-fire becuase they weren't violent, and besides, if they did retaliate, it would reenforce the negative stereotype of gothliness. The violence continued, and finally during the trial, the king ass-clown jock tried to say he was "protecting" his friend that the goth jumped. The goth was just eating some fucking pancakes with his brother and gf! Seeing holes in his story, the jury found him guilty. And because he was "a good, Christian, football playing, 'All-American' kid who got scholarships to college" he only got parole and an ankle bracelet... for brutally killing a goth kid... A FUCKING ANKLE BRACELET AND PAROLE?!?!?! One of his goth friends asked the judge why, and he said that. Then he asked what would happen if he had killed a jock like that, the judge said death sentence. They did find out how the king ass-clown jock and his friends had been partying, with underage drinking, and fled the scene, so he did get 6 years for that. 6 years, and only for underage drinking and fleeing the scene, yet nothing for brutally murdering a goth.

Personal Thoughts:
I present to you Texas, ladies and gentlemen. Good, hearty, "All American", farming, conservative, football playing Christians. I've noticed that this kind of thing happens all the time with those self-rightious asshole Christians. They all try to be "saint-like" and convert "poor, helpless souls" to their ways, and if they don't, they find themselves at the ass-end of social consequences, or even death. Whether it be harassment, dirty looks, talk behind their back, beatings, discrimination, etc. there is always reprecussions for not converting. In fact, if they don't match the descriptian for perfect, white model citizens, then they are inferior as a human being, if they can be described as one, and should be spat on or killed. If they do something "funny", they're as good as black-listed.

You know what historical events match said description on a large scale? Holocaust, KKK, witch trials, Spanish Inquisition, etc. A scared Christian is 1000x more dangerous and destructive than a ton crate of TNT. Oh no, you're Jewish? Kill 'em! You're black and still practice you're ancestrial African religions?! Kill 'em or segrigate them! You practice different religions as granted by and protected by our constitution?! Kill 'em with fire!!! Etc. Funny, it seems that the constitution only works when convenient for white, conservative Christians, else, it should be ignored or changed! Oh noes!

Now, I'm not saying that all Christians are bad, but the majority do not adhere to Christianism or the constitution anymore. Christians were Jews. Jews sacrificed sheep and rams and cows to YHWH (God), just like "witches" supposedly did (until after hundreds of years of exile they finally realized they weren't supposed to). Almost every religion practices ritual sacrifices, rites, and ceremonies. Get over it. They can do that here. Not everyone has to be a white Christian who plays football. Get over it. If someone wants to practice a different culture, then they have their humanly rights, and their constitutional rights, to observe it. In fact, God did not say kill the objecter, He just said they will not be under His protection! If they wanted to make sacrifices to Baal, then let them, they just weren't under His protection (Jeremiah I think). Nothing about killing or beating or even hatered.

And another thing that bothers me, God said to the Jews not to eat Swine, yet I see a lot of Christians eating bacon like it's going out of style. Don't you guys go by the same Bible? Are you not under the same God? Really? Jesus didn't eat Swine, he was an upstanding Jew. FFS! In fact, did He also not say to not worship false idols and pray to other gods? Hasn't Jesus pretty much gained the status of God now? God is a presense, an entity, and as such, He cannot physically have children. Also, aren't we not all considered his children? So what made Jesus so special, besides he, like several thousands of other Jews who were murdered in the name of their faith, gaving his life? So, then shouldn't we each and all be worshipped equally (by Christian logic)? Isn't that kinda like Bhuddism? Omg a similarity between religions!!! Blasphlemy!!! Also, the laws that the Quran teaches are strikingly similar to the Bibles. Shocking. Yet, we can go and hate other people who aren't Christian, and kill people of other religions in the name of "faith" and "God".

You know what? Religion in general is a giant inconsistancy imho. They all pretty much preach the same thing (ie. goodwill towards man, don't murder, don't steal, etc.) yet we all seem to hate eachother. Why? Aren't we all the same? Religion is just a localized way to explain how and why natural events happen, and to give wise-tales on what happens after we die. Humans just don't like not knowing stuff, so when they're truely stumped on something, they invent a story and try to convince others that is what is really happening. That's what religion is. So you don't believe the same story everyone else does, big deal. "But Neo," some of you might say. "Isn't that just what science is?" No. Science can be proven. It's mathematically proven facts to explain or guess as to why something happens. Either way, there is more concrete fact to explain why it storms than to just say "God is bowling".

Religion has killed more people over the years than 100 nuclear warheads ever can. All in the name of "God". Heh. Really, it's just a very convincing story told to brainwash and scare the masses. Scare them into abiding by rules, laws, and morality by threatening their eternal afterlife. Not saying it's necessarily a bad thing on a macromanaging scale, but really, that's all it is. Religion creates hope, structure, and peace-of-mind for the general population, but at the same time, it's a tool that can be used to manipulate the people. Putting your faith into something greater than yourself is very respectable, and I respect that. In fact, putting your entire faith into something not concretely there and uncertain takes a lot of balls, I suppose, moreso than something you know for a fact exists. Guess I'm just a pussy? Regardless, the story can change, and, over time, will change.

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