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Microsoft Shoots for a Creative Edge

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For almost a decade now, Mac's primary selling device is the fact that they are cute, trendy and very eye-appealing. Sure, people can debate as much as they like about how the software is better or how the hardware is better. Today, however, Apple now manufactures their computers with the same Intel-based hardware that PCs do. Also, any software that was once uniquely designed for Mac's is now available on PC. In my opinion, really, the only selling tool they have left is the fact that the name "Apple" portrays a feeling of quality, prestige, media productivity, etc. the point of this blog isn't to bash Apple, if you run an Apple and enjoy the experience, that's cool.

The point I am trying to present is this: Apple has made a point to develop a feeling around their product. It feels good to own an Apple. People view you differently. It makes the person look and feel creative. This is something Microsoft has not even remotely attempted in the past. Microsoft is Microsoft. It's boring, nothing new, nothing different.

Well, not until now, anyway. Though most of their marketing is geared towards productivity and business, they are making an effort to get people to view Microsoft Windows Vista differently than previous versions.

When I first saw this site, it instantly grabbed my attention. It's creative, beautiful, simple, but will have something new every time. I'm not sure what the actual purpose is behind the site. I dont' know if they have unveiled yet. It's apparently a series of chapters about a man that has an over achiever disorder and is admitted to an institute for it. You'll notice a lot of shots displaying Vista. I'm sure they will wrap it up showing "how awesome" Vista is. If not, Microsoft is advertising their new OS on a trendy site, anyway.

Basically, it looks like Windows is trying to tap into the younger and/or creative crowd and attatch a feeling onto their new OS while there is still some mysticism to it. I have a beta of Vista installed on my laptop currently and putsed around it for a while. I will admit, it's very attractive. They added a lot of bells and whistles as well as a lot of graphic enhancements. I assume that Microsoft is going to try and battle Apple with a cuter OS and a newer creative feeling to win a few mac users over as well as keep their current media-rich user-base amused.

As for me. I get into creativity, but I am also a huge fan of practicality. I'll probably stick with XP until I find Vista worthy of my computer. Office 2007, however, is a different story. That baby is going on as soon as I get my hands on it.

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15 January 2007 - 10:14 PM
While I myself do LOVE Microsoft Windows, I hear Vista (which is the same deal as what mac does make the user interface easier for people to figure out) run VERY slow I believe this could be true due to the factor that they tried to do too much in there coding to make a simpler design (not very experienced coder yet so im not sure). Plus Mac is better in the sense that not only can it run windows now but its virus free.


18 January 2007 - 09:47 AM

eppinknight, on 15 Jan, 2007 - 11:14 PM, said:

Plus Mac is better in the sense that not only can it run windows now but its virus free.

Hardware (generally) does not make a system virus free. If you install Windows on a Mac, that Mac is going to have Windows problems.
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