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Introduction to .NET Part 1 (How it works and choosing a language)

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Hello reader and welcome to my tutorial explaining everything about the .NET framework and the programming languages that run on it.

Usually when you hear .NET, it usually refers to C# only but .NET consist of other languages such as IronRuby (based on Ruby), VB.NET, IronPython (based on Python) and F# (based on OCAML) to name a few. The .NET...
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Fun With GDI+ : A Paint Story, PT. 2 : More Tools

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This is part 2 of my series! While trying to get my pen to work (it works 98%, except it always draws a line back to the starting point for some reason :( ), I have accidentally developed several variants of the normal pen. I will provide the source code for each with there name.
Flare Pen
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Fun with GDI+ : A Paint Story, PT. 1

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Have you ever wanted to make a Paint application? Fear Not! I'm developing one and showing you how! I will also post this in the tutorial section. The name of this application is called ImgPaint (I couldn't come up with a better name...sorry). I started this project because I've seen many beginners making paint applications and...
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Hello everyone! Have you ever wondered if a encryption system could be made under .NET? well...its POSSIBLE! I have created something called "Ember", a encryption system than encrypts text. The good thing about is that its very secure because its encrypted several times.
For example, atm, "Test" would be encrypted twice...
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The Journey of building Software.

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As many of you may know, I'm currently building a IDE (with the help of a few D.I.C. members). Its been a long project so far. We started in April and kept developing to the present. In the process, I have learn several things about the software development world. Heres a few of them.
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