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The Journey of building Software.

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As many of you may know, I'm currently building a IDE (with the help of a few D.I.C. members). Its been a long project so far. We started in April and kept developing to the present. In the process, I have learn several things about the software development world. Heres a few of them.
There comes a time when software must be tested and re-tested. Testing is apart of writing the application. You see, if the developers only test it, they will must likely miss those dangerous and nerve-racking bugs. Thats why many projects allow public beta testing. With so many people testing there software, the bugs are more likely to be found. Or else, you release the software and it breaks as soon as you try to do something with it.
You may have fixed and patched all the bugs in your software, but, as software goes, "You fix a bug, you create a bug". That means if you fix one thing, it may create another issue somewhere else and thats why its important to update you software frequently. Nobody wants out-of-date, buggy software.
Unique Design
Do you love software that has a nice UI and it just makes you feel good about yourself. That last part may be unrealistic but a Good, Easy to Use GUI will help a lot of users get the feel of your software and be able to use it without problem. Don't publish your software with a UI that has been thrown together in a few minutes, thats very unprofessional.
Once you have the "perfect" application (*unrealistic again*), there still maybe issues and thats when Customer Support comes in. Your software may not startup, or it may crash under certain circumstances (e.g. "Unable to find the config file", "Invalid Product Key, but it was valid during install"). Its important to have customer support for a application you plan to distribute. Even the basic "Email Support" will be enough to fill in this category.
I have learned all that, and much more, from developing Open Studio and if everyone followed those tips, we will have a world of bug/hassle free software. Keep on Coding! :D

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