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Whatever happened to the other mobile form factors?

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The mobile handset market offers everyone a plethora of options to choose from. For every price range there are, at a minimum, half a dozen good handsets to choose from. Due to the consolidation in the mobile OS space, everyone is on equal footing with respect to the apps available. So the differentiator should be the hardware right? Wrong!...
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Python is boring

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Old readers would remember that yours truly used to be a Ruby programmer back in 2006 and moved to Perl somewhere in 2008 and stuck with the latter for a long time as my goto language. In 2005 I did some PHP, but let's not dig up ancient history. The past year or so I have spent learning and using Python...
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Technology repeats itself

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If you want to know what will be the next big thing in software development, a good bet is to look at our past. And not just immediate past, but achingly ancient times.

Consider the current trend in programming paradigms - the onset of functional programming. The highlight of Java 8 was the addition of functional features like lambdas...
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My free eBook - Essential Java

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Today I am releasing my second free ebook - Essential Java. It is meant as a gentle introduction to the basics of the Java programming assuming no previous knowledge of it. The book is free to read and distribute.

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RIP Mandriva Linux

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It was the year 1999 when I first booted Linux and the only distribution that I managed to install successfully was called Mandrake Linux. It was the only distribution whose installer would automatically create a sensible partition default. This focus on ease of use was what kept the distribution formerly known as Mandriva...
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