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Moving to GNU Emacs

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After being a Vim lover for about 4 years, I've switched sides to Emacs. Before I make this into a personal post about why I think Emacs is great and so forth, a better way to go about this would be an objective view from both sides of the holy-editor war.

A bit of history...
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Starting with Lisp

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When I started to learn Lisp, I was baffled by the lack of a single common guide which could point me to the documents and books to read. I must admit however, my search-fu skills were very poor. However since I'm still on the fairly early stages of learning the vast world of Lisp, I decided to jot this down in case someone benefits from it....
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Book Review: Masterminds of Programming

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While browsing through my local bookstore's shelves, I came across Masterminds of Programming...
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A short history of Text Editors

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Text editors have been the subject of countless debates and endless flamewars. However few people know much about how they came to be and the little anecdotes associated with them. I've purposely left out Vi, Emacs and their clones because their history is very well documented and known by quite a few.

One of the earliest known...
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The joy of old time shareware

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I juggle between a lot of apps in my slightly chaotic workflow. This maybe because I really like testing different software or because my job keeps throwing up special surprises. Regardless of the reasons, I seem to be noticing one particular pattern in my application choices - most of them were small to medium sized utilities written quite a...
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