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Lessons learnt from publishing my first eBook

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It's been almost a month since I published my first eBook (A Primer on SQL...
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My free ebook - A Primer on SQL

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Today I'm releasing my free ebook - A Primer on SQL here at Dreamincode. It is a short ebook teaching the basics of SQL assuming no prior knowledge of it. While the examples and text use Ingres as the database management system, the code should work correctly on any SQL compliant database.

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A project I wish wasn't abandoned

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There are so many open source projects that have been abandoned over the years. Some were average, some were real gems. But one above all, I wish wasn't abandoned - NEdit...
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Give troff a try

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If you are an author or want to make near perfect typeset documents, you owe it to yourself to give troff...
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A tribute to Steve Jobs

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As I sit here writing this post, I know that far better writers and mightier titans of industry have said it so much better. But I write this post on my infrequently updated blog to mark this day, to be remembered forever by me, as the day Steve Jobs passed away. To be honest, its very difficult to imagine a world without Steve Jobs, which only...
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