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Advertise your blog

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We all know that blogging is hard work, and we've all started atleast one blog before which didn't click. I mean it didn't exactly get 500 visits a day :P...
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A lack of books?

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Since the time I've jumped into the deep world of programming, I've usually missed a particular class of books. Let us pick up a programming language - say PHP. Now there are a lot of books available in the market or even free on the net, which'll teach you all there is to know about the syntax of the language. However there is a...
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Is the era of the Black Hat over?

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I'm not gonna challenge the reader's intellect by describing the difference between hacking, cracking, black hat, white hat and the rest of the common terms. The point I want to make is - can you think of someone, anyone involved in black hat hacking?

I saw Hackers II - Operation Takedown the other day, and it describes the capture of...
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A question of CMS

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After successfully implementing PunBB, I was happy with the work I had done. It was small, clean and easy to install and use. No major worries and no major flaws. Then I jumped onto the jungle of Content Management System's out there.

The preliminary research showed three clear favorites - Drupal, e107 and Joomla...

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