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Retro arcade style gaming

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My latest addiction is a nice little gem of a game called Little Fighter 2. I've been playing this game almost every day for a couple of months now and don't seem to tire of it. Since its free and runs on even a medium to low end PC, you might wanna check it out yourself.

But what is really interesting is what draws me to this game. Its obviously not its earth shattering graphics (pun intended) nor its original game design, but its retro multi-character beat 'em up arcade style gameplay. You start with a character and in the story mode, you simply go from stage to stage beating up people. In the duel mode, you take on 2-7 players inside a fixed area and you button-mash your brains out.

Since I'm not the only being on the internet smitten with this game, I guess it must be in the blood of the 20-30 year old's right now, who grew up playing games like these. Sure, awesome graphics rule, the greatest soundtrack rocks and a complicated multi-pronged storyline may just be the norm of the day - but somewhere out there lie gems like these, enamoring the hearts of geeks who grew up with this genre. Some call it old-fashioned, I call it classic.

URL - Little Fighter 2

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25 February 2009 - 01:01 AM
yea! my bf 's also crazy abt it! I wonder why! :P
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