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iPod Management without iTunes

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The Apple iPod in all its unique flavors has become one of the most popular consumer electronic gadget on earth today. Let's face it, the iPod is the de-facto standard in portable music players. I personally think its an amazing piece of technology coupled with a very sleek design, especially the iPod Nano. And we all know how to transfer music onto our iPod's. Connect to USB port, fire up iTunes and tadaaaa!! All seems good in the world.

However what if you don't like iTunes. Maybe you're a rebel and take the road less travelled, maybe you think iTunes is too damn slow, maybe you think Apple is tracking you down (paranoid android?), but whatever the reason - some people just want to use other stuff even for iPod management. Aha, and here's an article on SimpleHelp to do exactly that. It lists 10 alternatives to iTunes for your iPod stuff along with links to tutorials on how to use them for the iPod thingies. Some of the notable ones are,

  • Amarok - the great KDE music app.
  • Winamp - did ya know it could do that?
  • Songbird - I'm liking this one already, thanks Tyler.
  • Rhythmbox - the awesome GNOME thingie.

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