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Editor Overload

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Any experienced programmer will always tell you how his text editor/IDE affects his productivity and throughput as a coder. People who are new to coding generally keep switching from one editor to the other depending on what is the latest trend/review out there (the internet/Reddit/Digg etc) and as a result, efficiency suffers. I've been guilty of this myself and now realise how much this sets us back in terms of the learning process.

Changing editors or IDE's too often messes up whatever kind of shortcuts you made in your previous one. For example, I have a hotkey for checking perl syntax, running ruby scripts and even inserting some commonly used text. People also usually record macro's and keystrokes which save a lot of time. Some people simply get used to the layout, the auto-completion, the project handling capabilities and what not. Simply put, pick any good editor or IDE and stick to it. This does not mean the two of you have to inseparable and you get into religious flamewars about your editor, just use it (its the highest respect you can honor your editor with). I have finally gotten stuck with Editplus for my Windows needs. And it works beautifully. I've also heard good things about UltraEdit (too expensive for me) and EmEditor (very promising). If all else fails, there is always Vim. :P

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