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Odd little alternative to

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Ok I assume most of the readers have heard of, if not used, Well its a Web2.0 app, more specifically a social bookmarking tool. It started of independantly but has been bought by Yahoo! (smart move that for the Y!) but has been kept mostly independant of other Y! services. However, I know there is a rebel creeping inside you, someone who wants to be different. For all such people I came accross this gem of a site -

Clipmarks is a site which allows the user to clip certain parts of a webpage (mostly the most important bits) and then bookmark the clipped information + the URL. These 'clips' are then shared by people making it a unusually successful social bookmarking tool which is very good at summarizing information. They've got a pretty decent community with minimum spam and a very intuitive design. Plus the toolbar for Firefox which does the actual 'clipping' works like a charm. If you are tired of using and want an alternative, Clipmarks is worth a try.

Disclaimer: I don't know anyone who works for Clipmarks nor am I a very active member of the community. (Heck I'm not even being paid to write this :P )

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13 November 2007 - 12:38 AM
Yeah, there's this rebel in me. I'll check this one out. ;)
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