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Supporting the small vendor

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I'm a big fan of Jeff Atwood's Coding Horror blog. I read a gem of a post by him here which basically stated that some small vendors make really really good software. And I do believe we have ample proof of this. Jeff suggests that we should support these kind of vendors, primarily by buying/donating to the software if you really use it a lot. Like for example giving a little money to an open source project which you use extensively.

I read the post completely and agreed with the point he was making there. And for my bit, I bought EditPlus - a really useful text editor on the Windows platform, and PowerArchiver - a very full featured and cheap (only 20$) compression utility. So if anyone has any extra dough to throw out, consider supporting the little guy who makes great software that you use all the time.

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26 November 2007 - 08:09 AM
Paint.NET! Paint.NET! This image editing software is so awesome... I use it at work to do some image stuff for web applications and documentation.

I subscribe to Jeff's RSS feed, and he likes Paint.NET too.

Now let me go support another software developer.
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