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Will AskEraser make you switch?

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A couple of years ago, when people realised that storing user searches had more implications than just better-search-results, a general outcry rose for a more "ethically anonymous search engine". And since the big three - Google, Yahoo! and, weren't ready to budge on this, the fourth biggest player - seized the opportunity. used to store user searches for 18 months, which was in many people's eyes, not really ethical. Today however, announced a welcome new feature called AskEraser which does exactly what the masses wanted.

The AskEraser is a little option hidden in the top-right corner of the homepage and it erases a user's search history in a couple of hours if turned on. Its one of the first instances of a major search player implementing such a feature. The only other search engine which proactively does this is a meta-search engine called IxQuick (which is pretty decent too). An interesting thing left to see is, after all the hype about user-privacy, would people really switch from Google? Or Yahoo! for that matter? For a majority of people (including me), Google *is* the better search engine. However being slightly security-aware, I want to give this feature a try and see how things turn out for the next two weeks. If the results are good enough, I may switch engines completely.

You can read more the the feature at the AskEraser FAQ.

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12 December 2007 - 08:36 AM
Seth Godin has a different view on the matter.

I remember watching a video where a Google engineer was explaining about how you can explicitly set Google to remember your searches, for the purposes of improving future search results.

I'm still of two minds about switching...


12 December 2007 - 09:59 PM
A very interesting viewpoint, thanks. :^:
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