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A happy new year to all of you. As you all know (and most of you probably don't, lucky people you, I tell ya) I've been blogging here over about 1.5 years now and after a long thought to it, I believe its time for me to say Adios! I simply am running out of time because of my full time job, not to mention, running out of ideas on what to write. I toss with a new idea everyday and then reject it for some or the other reason. A big thank-you for everyone who read this blog, subscribed to it, commented on it, submitted it to Digg/DZone/etc. The list to thank individually would be huge, but for starters (and for the ones who'd like their names mentioned :P ) - Skyhawk, Amadeus, Max, Kris, Tyler and basically everyone who ever read it. (If I missed you, its because of my short memory, not your short contribution).

Of course, I'd still be hanging around </DIC>, I just won't be updating my blog. I actually want to focus on a new project of mine, closely related to Ruby and Watir - both of which I've grown to love. If any reader is not from </DIC> but used to read this blog, I highly recommend Martyr2's Blog and WolfCoder's Blog. And finally, a summary of what I learnt from writing this blog and maintaining it, for any budding bloggers.

1. Keep a schedule for writing blog entries and hopefully try to allocate a specific time for it. If you don't maintain it, just like code, it'll go bad.

2. Focus on a topic. I created a very general tech blog and realised the topic was too broad to have a general viewership. If you like, you can choose 2-3 topics and stick to them.

3. Have patience and humility. (Very important)

4. Don't look for a viewership in thousands overnight.

5. Write thoughtful entries, something that people actually want to read - with correct grammar and good formatting.

Thanks for everything people. I'll see you around.

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RodgerB Icon

07 January 2008 - 04:11 AM
Shame to see you stop blogging Rahul, its proven an interesting read. Good luck with your future goals. :)

Amadeus Icon

07 January 2008 - 05:58 AM
I'll miss the entries my friend - always insightful and interesting. Best of luck on the new project!
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