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Why I think Facebook is a waste of time

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I've been an infrequent user of Facebook, the current rage among Social Networks. Before this, I was using Orkut to connect with friends, but that place is a whole different mess altogether. So before jumping on to the topic, I suggest everyone go read - Most Facebook apps are silly, pointless.

This may or may not come as news to you. It certainly was clear to me since one month after the Facebook platform was launched. Here's the deal - Facebook is a social network built on the fact that most people want to connect to known/unknown people for various reasons but communication seems to be primary here. And here's the killer - most Facebook apps don't have any need for communication between individuals. Instead of being a steady communication medium between two connected individuals, most apps simply make people play some goofy game and throw the "play-this" request to all friends in their network.

Consider for example, I remember a time when people used to write Scraps/On-the-Wall messages to each other (yes, even me). And now every time I logon to Facebook my only action is to decline "Challenges to Movie Quiz", "Vampire Duel" and other such colorful requests. I don't know if I'm stupid or something but I see little communication in the "Check your Personality type quiz" request sent to me by a whole bunch of people.

So what exactly happened. Well, the Facebook platform became one single place where every time-waster site on the net could put their app/game in, and let it be viewed by hundreds of thousands of people. Plus they get an added advantage of having a "viral" effect by the means of play-me requests sent by friends to each other. If I was a online game-maker, this model would make perfect sense to me.

Now I'm not bashing Facebook as a tool for communication or even a platform of applications, I'm merely irritated by how it has degraded to the level of just another time sink on the internet. Hell, more peer communication happens at Twitter as far as I can see. If you have a network/community where everyone really just communicates and have the occasional fun time, by all means go ahead. I, on the other hand, am probably gonna move from an infrequent user to a less than infrequent passerby.

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