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My favorite Vim scripts

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I find Vim pretty complete as a text editor by itself. But with a few scripts (extensions/plugins in the Vim world), it becomes far more productive as a programming tool. Without wasting too much space writing about how great Vim really is, here are my personal favorite Vim 7 scripts that I recommend you try out.

A must for every coder. This script uses the exuberant ctags utility to display methods, classes and variables (and the like) in any source. Supports a lot of languages and works like a charm. Also is the most downloaded Vim script of all time.

I like auto completion in my editor, and Supertab does just this using the tab key. You can use Ctrl+N to achieve the same effect but I find using tab more effective. After all Vim is all about productivity.

The NERD Tree
Creates a nice little sidebar of your directory contents and works like an explorer in its own right. Much better than the 'Explore' command that comes with Vim, though not a must have.

Mini Buffer Explorer
If you work with buffers a lot, and you will if you use Vim a lot, this is a godsend. Takes very little screen space and is so damn usable. Works with Vim 7 tabs too.

I could go on about great Vim scripts, but I like the minimal approach in my editor (one of the reasons I avoid bloated IDE's). If you haven't tried out Vim yet, do so and you won't be disappointed.

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