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Easy is not always equal to bad

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Being a regular reader of programming.reddit and Dzone, I could not help but notice people arguing over PHP vs Lisp as a web development language. While I am fond of Scheme, Lisp and its various cousins - I could not help but see the practical side of it. One major point that is made everytime in one form or another is that what is easy must be dumb and nobody in their right mind should use it.

Take PHP for example, PHP4 and a great improvement over PHP3 and PHP5 was huge compared to PHP4. Granted the language can promote bad practices and yada yada - however you can use a framework to solve quite a few of these problems. Anything having a lower barrier to entry is going to be plagued by people who just want to get a quick result, but there is good stuff out there, yes in PHP. You can take Drupal as a good example.

People scoff at Visual Basic and VB.NET, but can anybody deny what it did for RAD. VB.NET 2008 has generic data types. It even has full 'lambda' support giving rise of higher order functions. So why the elitist attitude against it? I'm not against using purer languages, infact I like to tinker with Scheme, but on the other hand I'm not against anything else either which can solve the problem at hand.

Just because getting things done in these languages is easier, does not mean they are incapable of ever producing any good for any problem.

If there's a golden tenet in here, its this - if there is a nail waiting, use the hammer you know which can hit the nail hard. Sometimes its just better to use the 'right tool for the job' rather than getting tech religion into everything.

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