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The Last Remnant - Square Enix Fucks Up

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I recently played The Last Remnant PC Trial and I thought I would share my thoughts. Let me start by saying that Square Enix has always been my goto for JRPGs. I mean, these are the FF Guys, so damn. End of story. However, The Last Remnant really falls short of what I've come to expect from Square. This is why.

NOTE: This is for the PC version, not the 360 Version.

Quick Summary: Less is More

Okay, so as expected, all around awesome graphics. Nice. However, sometimes there is a LOT going on in the screen. I mean hell Square, you don't need to drape the entire side of a street in colorful rugs! I swear, the first time I entered Celapaleis and entered Grant's Way, the screen scrolled by a wall of colored rugs, so colorful in fact, that my eyes couldn't find a point of reference and therefore, I saw absolutely nothing! That is until it finally swiveled to where I was looking at the white sky and a grey walkway. Asides from that, some of the monsters are just weird. A four legged dog-like Raptor with a backpack thing on it for one. Really, what's up with the backpack thing Square?

My advice to Square? Less is more!

Score: 2/5

Quick Summary: It's Square.

I have no qualms about the story. Standard save the world stuff.

Score: 5/5

Combat System
Quick Summary: Give me FFT anyday.

Okay, so Square tried to create a Tactics like engine in this one and failed miserably. Almost every round a colorful text message appears stating something like "FLANK ATTACK" or "RAIDLOCK" or "DEADLOCK." Maybe I missed something here, but these are supposed to be 'special' messages Square, that means they don't show up EVERY turn. Second Qualm...What IS the difference between Mystic Arts and Combat Arts!? I mean really, I tell Rush's team to use Combat Arts and Rush hits the enemy twice for 800 damage. I tell them to use Mystic Arts and Rush...Hits the enemy twice but this time for 2000 damage...What? So in closing, Bring Back Tactics if you're going for this kind of system.

Score: 1/5

Cut scenes
Quick Summary: OMFG LONG!

Yeah...Square, We know you love your Cut scenes in any game you make but...Damn...These are just too much. Not to mention they don't even seem worth watching.

Score: 2/5 - 2 because they at least look nice....

Quick Summary: Grind...Teeth...

Okay, Developers, Listen up. I know you just love that XNA 3.0 Allows you to port a game to PC with no modification by making the user use an X360 controller, but...It's a PC - PC PC PC - game, it is not an Xbox 360 game. I love gamepads just as much as the next person, but if you're going to create a PC game, make the effort to map REAL keyboard controls - IE: Do not leave Xbox 360 Button pictures in the game and just tell the user which keyboard button to use (Which you didn't even do here)! -_-

Score: 1/5

Final Score and Thoughts


Final Score: 11 of 25
Final Score Percentage: 44%

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