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HTML is foreign to Web Design - Really Now?

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So I started college for Web Tech and for some reason one of my first classes is Fireworks/Dreamweaver. So the teacher comes around to me, I mention I've had professional experience in web design and she asks how I make websites. I tell her, I use notepad++, Paint.NET and GIMP. For ten minutes, she stared at me incredulously...

So, given that background, have we really come so far in the web design field that everyone finds it hard to believe people still make websites by getting down and dirty with some good ole' fashion HTML? I mean, she looked at me like I was from Uranus. Really?

Then she asks me if I've ever used things like Dreamweaver or Fireworks. Have I? Yes. I just don't see anything I gain from them. That's why I'm taking this class. Hopefully I'll learn something in this class that really shows me that using these tools can genuinely make it faster for me to design websites. So far, I don't think it's gonna happen.

I mean really, I'm not biased. I've tried all kinds of editors/tools. I have CS4 (Mostly for the video editing software), but I never touch Dreamweaver or Fireworks. I know what they are, but why bother? I've even tried Microsoft Web Developer and HTML-Kit. Neither of these tools, in my experience, really made it easier for me to create websites than if I opened up good ole' notepad++ and got down to the nitty-gritty of HTML, XML, CSS, PHP and JScript.

Really though, I'd like to know other people's opinions on this. Am I not using them right? Is that why they don't help me in creating websites, or are they really not that necessary unless you really use them for specific purposes? I want to know, because the way the teacher talks they really are helpful.

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