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Creating a RPG in XNA 3.0

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Welcome to my new blog.

This blog is about creating a RPG in XNA 3.0 using Visual C# 2008 Express Edition. It is sort of a mirror of my blog on Blogger. I will try and add everything that I post there here and any comments that are posted here there and any comments there, here.

Every post will be related to the project but not every post will...
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Adding in enemies

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Well, I have everything working pretty good with navigating the map. I made an editor to make maps and I can read them in to the game with out any problems. What fun is a game though that you just walk around a maze with nothing else to do. It would get boring really quick and the object behind games is to make them fun for the player. So, to do...
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Something your games should do

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There is one thing that some people making games for operating systems that can multitask is not handle if their games are currently the active program. For example, you have a small game running in a window and the player clicks outside of the window your game should stop updating as it is not the active window. The game goes true for games...
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