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Server Side 3D Rendering Technology

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I have recently been reading about something exciting in the 3D graphics field, graphics that rival the latest hollywood blockbusters played out and rendered in realtime through your browser.

Sound impossible?

Those were my thoughts before some extensive research into these claims, AMD is developing some unbelievable GPU's. There is their wild claim that there new RV770 GPU is "more powerful than every generation of game console every brought to market combined." yet viewing some of the footage of it in action is amazing.

The big news is that a company called OTOY is attempting to create server side rendering technology which in short means that you wont need to have the actual hardware sitting on your desk as the work is done on a server with the technology installed and then the data is transmitted to you in the form of "pure frames".

This is another example of cloud computing, pretty soon you may be able to chuck out your console and experience the greatest graphics using only a fast internet connection.

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04 July 2009 - 10:58 PM
Thanks for telling me about this. I have seen the video demos of this new streaming gaming and it is pretty amazing! I will certainly keep an eye on this and check out other games deploying this type of delivery system.

Thanks again. :)
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