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DS Homebrew Development

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For a personal project I am writing some DS games and learning the ins and outs of programming on this unique platform. I'll keep updating my blog with tips and snippets for helping with development and showing the end product. So I hope its an enjoyable read for the people who are interested.

So i'll start with creating a development environment, I really wanted a visual studio environment for developing on the DS and there are a few different implementations that work with intellisense and allow you to run your program in your chosen DS emulator. I tried a few of these and decided that it wasn't really worth the effort in the end, largely due to the fact that you can't debug with breakpoints or anything else that you would normally use.

I am now developing using a free text editor called notepad++ and building using a command prompt, its not perfect for debugging but it has syntax highlighting and error codes so it works.

There are different libraries to use when developing for DS and I decided to go with libnds which is a more low level library that feels more true the hardware and might benefit me more in future. There is another library called PAlib which is more abstracted and quicker to develop with and learn, I feel that trying to abstract from libdns will be a more rewarding experience than using PAlib.

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