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Time to Bite the C Bullet

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I've been coding for 4 years now, and have learnt many languages (to varying degrees of proficiency) but have avoided one reasonably large one: C++. :dontgetit: . It just looked so different to everything else (strange as that may seem) and intimidatingly illogical.

But browsing i see that...
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This quick program takes .htm, .html, .php, .js, .asp, .aspx and .xml files and displays them full screen, powerpoint style. You can show off websites or make presentations with all the power of HTML, CSS, JS, ASP and ASP.NET. The source code is included in the .zip.

Good luck! :)...
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I created a dll called advancedMathsFormulas that contains things like the diagonal of a recangle, the volume of a sphere, the area of a rectangle with rounded corners so that YOU don't have to remember all these things: simply call the functions specified and magically, you get the right answers! The .zip file at here...
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Basicly BASIC

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SCUMMed is going slow.
I have re-realised how awesome BASIC is/was. :ph34r:
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On topic - SCUMM

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Working on uncovering the secret buried treasure of SCUMM.
Rumor has it a thousand deadly knives surround his tomb.
Also working on a SCUMM Ide called SCUMMed. Therefore, I sleep with a gun in my hand just in case the guys from LucasArts hear about it. :P
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