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GrimBB is Temporarily Down

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Yeah the new server I got it on got taken down by the host so I'm in the process of relocating GrimBB. Sorry about that, however you can still find a zip distribution over at the sourceforge link listed below. Please bear with me.
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Security Learnings

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Well I've updated GrimBB with some extra code to prevent it from getting XSSed which means cross site scripting. Since I didn't want to take the traditional approach and use the square brackets code to allow people to enter url links and images and the like (as it's done here in Dreamincode and practically everywhere else) I had to...
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Awards/Recognitions/GrimBB Rules

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lol well this is a cheesy entry but I'm proud of my work, and it actually received a 5 star rating at SofoTex (one of the software submission sites I uploaded its info to):
Image reduced in size
Other places that accepted GrimBB:Look at that my little board is all grown...
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I've been posting around the net trying to get people to visit my forum to see if they can expose security flaws and errors on GrimBB. On one of the forums, namely DevShed...
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GrimBB Features, Updates & To Do's

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Newest Zip Distro
14 2006 Dec -

  • Registration
  • Login/Logout
  • Time stamps on all posts
  • Visual control using CSS style sheets
  • Storing of posts in txt files
  • Error handling
  • Data entry verification for invalid/illegal data
  • Searching
  • GUI for configuring GrimBB
  • ...
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How GrimBB Works

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Alright so I'm going to try and explain the theory behind GrimBB in a conceptual sense and referring to what each file is responsible for. I won't expand on concepts such as formatting since that can vary. This will be more of a concise treatise on how the threads in GrimBB are created.

The page that should first be accessed by any user...
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The ACTUAL GrimBB Code

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Alright so as my work progresses I'm going to post my actual code here. I was hoping I could add an attachment to the blog but no such luck (I'll put up a zip distro package on the forum itself).

That's a lot of files, you can obtain the most recent version here ->
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Help Debug GrimBB

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Alright if you wanna see the forum in action please navigate to GrimBB Demo. The categories, titles, and descriptions are irrelevant. The data there was borrowed from one of the demos of the phpBB board simply because I needed some data to fill up the portal page and that data fit well.

What I ask of you?...
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The Humble Beginnings of GrimBB

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Alright well I had once worked on coding a forum in PHP before. It used to be up on my old site. However, the forum had a great deal of limitations:
So yeah not the greatest of forums, it was more like an excuse to annoy people.

I've noticed that alot of people use phpBB, SMF or other such freely available forums. They're cool but they...
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Linux on a Laptop

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I came into possession of a Dell Inspiron 1100 for no added charge. It was running Windows XP and I wasn't interested in dealing with the slowdown. I've been wanting an ebook reader and I figured this is a great way to do it. However, finding a usable Linux distro was difficult. All the simpler and less ram hungry ones seemed to have...
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preg_split as opposed to str_split

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I submitted this as a snippet but it was turned down, and mostly I just wanted a place to put it so I'd have it available if I needed it in the future. Since I program for PHP 4 compatibility most often I found working on Mimesis that I needed to split a string at given intervals of length. The explode function only splits on given characters,...
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