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Linux on a Laptop

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I came into possession of a Dell Inspiron 1100 for no added charge. It was running Windows XP and I wasn't interested in dealing with the slowdown. I've been wanting an ebook reader and I figured this is a great way to do it. However, finding a usable Linux distro was difficult. All the simpler and less ram hungry ones seemed to have difficult installs, etc. They're designed to be run off the Live CD moreso than not, and they kept giving me hardware issues.

First off I had to flash the BIOS. This wasn't easy, the downloadable executable from Dell refused to run. I had to go to a site that actually offered a bootable ISO and keep my fingers crossed that it patched the BIOS successfully and it did.

With the upgraded BIOS I was able to get PuppyLinux to run Xorg, if only as a tease as for whatever reason it refused to load properly. : shrugs : oh well. Eventually I ended up with Xubuntu, and I'm actually making this blog entry from the laptop right now. With the added screen rotation feature it makes for some pleasant ebooking.

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