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Mimesis 2.1n

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I think this is probably my lamest update of Mimesis to date. That doesn't dissuade me from blogging about it though.

Mimesis makes use of a locking mechanism to prevent overwrites of data. It does this by creating a file. This file contains a number inside of it, specifically a Unix timestamp. The timestamp denotes a time taken from the current server time plus what was set as 60 seconds into the future. This value denotes how long a lock should persist before it can be overriden by another write operation. I had coded this as a constant called MUTE_OUT.

In 2.1 I decided that asking the user to modify the source was somehow aberrant to how I wanted Mimesis to behave. The coder should only have to worry about calling functions, not modifying source. Therefore, I included an extra parameter in the lock and acquireLock methods of the Mimesis and Mutex classes, respectively, where the timeout can be specified. It is however predefined to be 60 so all code that worked with 2.0 upgrades seamlessly to be compatible with 2.1.

I posted on the Database forum for suggestions regarding online apps or sites that makes use of databases (not specific websites, but rather generic concepts). It seems though that I have some sort of D.I.C. curse that every time I make a post I get very few replies.

Feeling confident that I've reached the limit of improvements I can make to the code I want to start working on a serious project that uses Mimesis as its backend. Originally, this was for my GrimBB forum. However, I want to start smaller this time so I think first I'll try to create an interface for managing generic Mimesis tables, then move on to something like a shoutbox with administrative capabilities.

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