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The Humble Beginnings of GrimBB

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Alright well I had once worked on coding a forum in PHP before. It used to be up on my old site. However, the forum had a great deal of limitations:


- No organization by categories, the portal page simply listed thread topics without any sort of logical arrangement
- Users had to type in a username, avatar pic location, title, and message every time they wanted to post/reply
- There was no user registration
- No error handling
- No redirects
- No administrators (save of course logging into my ftp and editing the files by hand)
So yeah not the greatest of forums, it was more like an excuse to annoy people.

I've noticed that alot of people use phpBB, SMF or other such freely available forums. They're cool but they seem very complicated to me. Therefore I wanted to create something FAR superior to my first forum attempt, but something less complex than phpBB and more readily accessible. I also wanted to weed out any unnecessary features such as smilies and avatar pics and whatnot, so that I could focus primarily on the workings of the forum rather than all the fancy features (those will come later if at all).

The code is just -open-, do what you want with it, all I ask is don't alter the application name or version and give the grimpirate his credit where credit is due.

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