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The ACTUAL GrimBB Code

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Alright so as my work progresses I'm going to post my actual code here. I was hoping I could add an attachment to the blog but no such luck (I'll put up a zip distro package on the forum itself).


Include files:
style_codes.css // Contains the style for the redirection pages
style_main.css // Contains the style for the bulletin board's pages


PHP code files:
admin.php // Contains the code for creating all necessary files to get GrimBB operational and setting their permissions
board_lib.php // Contains all functions used by the other php pages
config.php // Contains the code for initializing GrimBB on a webserver
forum.php // Contains the code for displaying/editing a forum page
gate.php // Contains the code for login/registration page
index.php // Contains the code for displaying the portal page
post.php // Contains the code for posting a topic/reply
redirect.php // Contains the most important code as it performs redirection for the various other pages
search.php // Contains the code necessary for displaying search results
topic.php // Contains the code for displaying/editing a thread

That's a lot of files, you can obtain the most recent version here ->

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