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Version 2.13

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: sigh : Found another bug in the code. Happened to stumble on it while thinking of another way to code the getRow method of the Mimesis class. Turned out the refresh method was altering an integer that represents the next offset into the data file. This of course could ruin your data if when you refreshed your table and tried to insert more data the offset was not correct. Needless to say a critical update that was fixed in essentially one line of code. Its often surprising how something so small can cascade so greatly throughout a code, but that's how errors propagate.

I've also done away with the greek letter eta appended to the end of the versions. I had put this in to denote that I wasn't sure this version of Mimesis should ever be considered beyond experimental, but over time it seems that the ideas I have proved correct. So now I no longer consider them theory but rather legitimate code.

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