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Filthy Rich OS

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Finally got around to rolling my own Linux distribution. Is there anything particularly noteworthy about it? It's Arch Linux based. Basically, it does not deviate from the base Arch Linux except to provide an Xserver and a couple of small utilities. The most important package is OpenJDK8 and the Eclipse IDE. The general premise is to use it for Java related development. Currently, I have four applications on it:
  • a simple html viewer
  • an Xserver root window background setter
  • an Xserver root window name setter
  • graphical root menu or launcher

The HTML viewer and launcher are pure Java. The Xserver related apps use JNI Xlib calls for their respective capabilities. I intend to expand on these if not wholly replace the current window manager (dwm) with an solely Java based interface. As a play on Oracle, I've called it Sibyl.

Anyhow, a screenshot (the wallpaper is generated in Java code):

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Managed to separate the architectures, pick your poison (file sharing sites, proceed at own risk): x86_64 (~760 MB) i686 (~730 MB)

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09 September 2014 - 03:08 PM
Now with runtime theme change!

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