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Welcome To My New Blog On D.I.C.

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Hello Everyone, sometimes i have some programming ideas come to my mind but i don't know where to write them or where to present them. Starting from the fact that now i have more free time for blogging than i used before, i made up the decision to create a professional programming blog for presenting myself to the community and the world and for hopefully benefiting this generous community by some of my ideas, topics and tutorials that will be posted here. Frankly, i didn't find a better place than </Dream.In.Code> to have a professional programming blog set up since here the programmer will be able to reach other programmers and the programming community much more easily. In addition, IT related blogs these days form an important criteria for employers to see what you can do, what you are up to and what is your status with respect to the programming community you are in, after all no man is an island.

Finally the most important factor for opening this blog starts from my belief that knowledge should be free and should be spread around by each individual regarding what he does best, just as i have learned from great programmer's blogs, snippets, and tutorials lots of important and enlightening stuff, i am looking forward to do the same thing and try to return the favor for having this community flourish even more and reach more aspiring programming and IT enthusiasts every day.

So this was a very short summary of what my whole blog is going to be directed to and the purpose of having it set up. Furthermore, this blog may take into consideration diverse programming languages and diverse programming concepts and maybe programming philosophy, why not? :P I hope you will like my blog and I hope you will find something useful for your programming around here, thank you very much for your interest and i hope to see you around :)

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