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Whilst trying to write an initscript for my update daemon, I was having trouble in that daemon updated in the initscript was hanging, basically not daemonizing my program. I never tried to daemonize a python program before, and appently it doesn't like it. So I stumbled on this bit of code by Coy Krill.

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So after a management throwdown,

I did some pentesting today agaist our stuff. Surprisingly enough, nothing too obviously wrong.

So I got to play with pentoo, which is pretty neat, especially since it fits on a usb.
Learned the ropes of nessus, and ettercap.

Hopefully will help in setting up the CTF for ACM in the fall.

That is all
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Python - Getting IP Address inside kickstart

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I have been having a time trying to get the ip of the client computer during a kickstart, when the hostname is still set to localhost.

@ first I tried this, since im using a mysql DB
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Our FC5 installations need to be under 13 Gigs, as thats how much diskspace is left over after ghost rapes the hdd with windows. Well we were having the problem, of kickstarts and yum updates, failing because the cache of all the packages was using up all the diskspace needed to install the actual packages.

So I decided to start removing...
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CVE-2006-2451 - Linux Kernel Vuln - Priv Escal

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This a giant hole to any login systems running 2.6 kernels as far back as 2.6.10 (what I've tested)

Here is a patch for 2.6.17 kernel, you can prolly find it on your own kernel (kernel/sys.c)

Also by default core files are created in the CWD, however in proc you can specify an absolute path for them.
through sysctl: ...
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Rhythmbox Rediscovered

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I've rediscovered Rhythmbox yesterday,

Its been updated with some really cool features since I've last looked at it.
Specifically Internet Radio and Podcast Syndication, as well as gnome key controls.

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Python Simple XMLRPC Server gracefull (?) Shutdown

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I've been having the trouble with a deamon i'm writing of only being able to shutdown with ctrl+c on the console, or a kill signal.
I tried registering a shutdown function but, it would spew errors and not exit, even with sys.exit().
However using signals, I think its now shutting down gracefully.

Fisrt import signal import signal...
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Of Mice and Rebuilding Core 5 repos

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As some may know, I am a systems programmer at the computer center @ NMT. We are working on upgrading from FC2 to FC5 on all our 200+ clients.

I been having a very bad habit recently of making a little mistake in a core rpms, that breaks kickstart, and it requires a full rebuild of the repository database which takes like 20+ minutes for...
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Sloth's Mom.....

Icon 4 Comments a very classy lady,

and he is very lucky to have her
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