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Fedora 7 Released

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Wow its been a whole Fedora version since I last blogged, coincidently about the same thing.

Anyways Fedora 7, (no more core, its all merged) was released today, and I've been following it all the way since test 2.
To go with their new version they've also released a new version of their website snazy.

So some cool things in Fedora 7:

Spins: These are specific variations of Fedora built with different packages. For instance a KDE spin if you want to directly by pass gnome as your desktop environment.
Since they full set of packages is just huge, this alows you to customise a set you want to use and put it all on one install cd and run with it.

Appenently the yum package updating system and its frontends have gone through a large speed increase. I haven't experienced it yet, as I've just reinstalled from the DVD today. However the box I was running off the dev stream did seem to go faster.

Updated python (2.5), and firefox (2.0)

Also introduced is Fast User Switching.

I'll be working on preparing it for installation on all 250+ client computers at the TCC. And making a management system to back it and build packages, and the like.
I'll be blogging the whole project just like last year.

Also I've joined the Fedora Project as a contributor. I think I will be starting on the Docs project, and see where that goes so keep an eye out for that.

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01 June 2007 - 08:18 AM
All of a sudden, everyone is talking about Fedora. Unlike your country, our is not as widely open to different platforms. Luckily, a few tech-based companies are finally opening up to platforms other than MS. Ours is one. Believe it or not... I find this new "fancy" very interesting and exciting.


01 June 2007 - 02:06 PM
Well, I for one am very happy that the Fedora community is really pulling along well now. Its my second favorite distro (I'm still partial towards my current one - Mandriva Free 2007) and I'd love to play around with F7 soon. And I'm personally happy to know that Nova has become a contributer to the project. And the Yum update would really be a big boost. But what I would be really interested to know, from anyone reading this and you Nova, if you have (in this time frame) experienced any stability issues? I'm actually looking to setup a proxy server at my home and was going with CentOS but this brings an interesting twist.

Nova Dragoon 

02 June 2007 - 07:26 AM
I have been runnig redhat since 7.3 every version since then (save EL 2*) and the only stability problems were bad hardware or unsupported hardware with wonky drivers. I've been running Fedora 6 on my VPS with no problems. My FC5 desktop at work has an uptime of 123 days. Would be longer if I didnt switch to the Xen kernel to play with it.


22 May 2008 - 08:49 AM
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