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Ruby on Rails

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I've finally came around and looked into Ruby on Rails, and man... wow.

The stuff I've been working on has been mostly python and php from the ground up, (well from the database to the client as oh so pretty html), and the
servers I've been running on haven't had an avenue to install a framework. So tough beans.

Anyway the last thing I used similar to RoR was Java Servlets and JSP using MVC pattern. And that was terrible.
The ActiveRecord stuff that abstracts all database operations is a Godsend. No more populating beans and shooting them through the tubes,
it creates the objects for you automagically.

I've also gone and wrote a tutorial on installing a production rails environment with Apache + Clustered Mongrel on Fedora 7.
Here: http://www.dreaminco...wtopic30705.htm

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